Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Classic with a Twist: Russian Nicoise Salad

There is something so elaborate and inviting about a good Nicoise salad. This particular version takes me back to Brighton Beach in Brooklyn, a neighborhood known to locals as "Little Russia." I loved shopping the fresh air markets there, with their abundance of richly flavored baked goods, beautiful ripe beets, and of course the massive bunches of dill. Walking down the street, I remember seeing sprigs of dill lying here and there on the pavement. A ubiquitous ingredient, always present, making itself known.

*For a vegan option, omit the hard boiled eggs and replace the yogurt dressing with fresh squeezed lemon.*

I love fresh dill, so I decided to incorporate it into a yogurt dressing* for this salad, which has the addition of freshly cooked beets on a bed of sharp arugula (or rocket). The creamy, sweet, spicy and savory flavors make this quite a meal of a salad.

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