Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A "Supreme" Breakfast

I have always been a "supreme" pizza lover. You know, with the spicy pepperoni and sausage, sweet peppers, and onions piled on top. YUM. And one of my favorite ways to eat my beloved supreme pizza is cold and leftover for breakfast.

 Today, I warmed it up a little and added my other favorite food - eggs - to make a delicious (and healthy) baked breakfast treat, with all of the yum factor of my favorite pizza. It's hearty enough to have as a quick dinner, too, if you're looking to cut out the crust of pizza altogether. If you want to turn this into a weekend brunch, simply multiply the recipe and use a large baking dish. You can get really creative with the vegetables, too, as long as you don't use anything that takes too long to cook (like potatoes).

To jazz it up a little, for this recipe I used chorizo instead of pepperoni (but you can use whichever you happen to have). Spicy or sweet italian sausage would be a great addition, too, if you have some already cooked on hand. And if you're a real spice lover, top it off with some chili flakes. Today I garnished with basil for a little added freshness, but parsley or oregano would add plenty of flavor as well.

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